Kanye West Decides To Officially Join Instagram With A ‘Total Recall’ Reference

Getty Image

Kanye West teased joining Instagram months ago, finally claiming the @kanyewest handle as his own on Sunday morning, posting a screenshot from what looks like Total Recall as his first upload.

West mentioned he was thinking about joining the social media site with a series of Twitter posts back in March, noting that he’d only do it on one condition.

His art this time certainly just looks like either a scene from the film or something inspired by the classic Schwarzenegger film. You can clearly see one of the Johnny Cabs driving in the image, riding next to a pyramid looking building that also looks similar to the shots in the film. Is Kanye teasing his own artistic remake of the film, tossing away the Colin Farrell remake from a few years ago to give his own vision to the story?

Then again, he might just be messing around and posting something to test out the platform. He’s there now, so it might be worth keeping an eye if you’re a follower on Twitter or enjoy the enigma that is Kanye West. It could end up being the greatest thing to ever hit the art world or it could just be another outlet for Kim Kardashian seflies and Kanye West’s stoic face.

(Via Pitchfork)