Kanye West And LeBron James Are Being Sued For Allegedly Copying Somebody Else’s Camouflage, Somehow

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Camouflage patterns have long been a part of Kanye West’s aesthetic and his Yeezy clothing line, but now it appears that the green blobs on his clothes, the purpose of which is not to be distinct, look too much like somebody else’s green blobs, and he might be in some trouble over it.

Shia LaBeouf said recently that Kanye took all of his clothes, but it turns out that it was Realtree’s clothes that Kanye jacked: TMZ reports that Jordan Outdoor Enterprises Ltd., the owner of the Realtree line of outdoor clothing, is suing Yeezy Apparel, along with LeBron James’ clothing boutique Unknwn, for copying “distinctive markings” that appear on Realtree’s camouflage apparel.

What seems damning for Yeezy is that, according to the lawsuit, a Yeezy rep contacted Jordan Outdoor Enterprises to talk about using the camo patterns, and then ceased communication when they were told that they would need to license them. The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount in damages, as well as for Yeezy to stop making and selling any offending items, and to turn over and destroy any items that exist already.

There might be a lot less camo in the next release from Yeezy, because it seems like there’s going to be a lot less of everything: It was reported recently that Kanye was unsatisfied with the vision for the line’s next season, so he will only be releasing the planned shoes.