Hot 97’s Ebro Talked To Kanye About His Tweets And Explained Why This Goes Beyond Controversy

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Kanye West came under fire in late 2016 for meeting and taking pictures with Donald Trump. His fans were confused about how a Black artist who once stated “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” could align himself with a President whose election platform was so corrosive to Black America. Kanye seemingly came to his senses back then, as he deleted his tweets supporting Trump and unfollowed him last spring. Apparently though, Kanye, who has new music coming, still supports him enough to admit he loves him, as he reportedly told Hot 97 host Ebro.

After Kanye caused a firestorm of controversy this weekend by co-signing far-right pundit Candace Owens, who says racial oppression doesn’t exist, Ebro called a friend of Kanye’s who had left a comment under an Instagram post he made. Kanye then came to the phone and engaged Ebro in a spirited 30-minute discussion in which he stated he “wants to de-program people” and likes Owen because she’s “challenging conventional Black thought.” He also spoke of feeling demonized because he “thinks different.”

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Ebro says that Kanye then told him he had planned to clarify the controversial tweets but decided to take the heat in the hopes that his upcoming music will speak for him. Ebro accused Kanye of trying to stir the pot to gain publicity for his album and chided him for irresponsibly co-signing people with opinions that are “dangerous” to the well-being of Black people and the ongoing resistance movement.

You can click the video above and see Ebro lay out Kanye further and speak on how he got “played” by Trump.