Seth Rogen Shared Kanye West’s Wild Idea For A Surround-Screen Movie Theater

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Seth Rogen is the subject of a new profile from GQ, and towards the end of the piece, he spends some time talking about how Kanye West has influenced him.

He started discussing how he tries to properly manage hubris, and he used West as an example of the good that can come from having a high level of confidence, saying, “It is a fine line, because I do look at Kanye, for example, and I remember the truth is at first, people were like, ‘Why you making shoes, man? Just make music.’ And his shoes are great. People love them. He’s made Adidas billions of dollars. So there is something to be said for staying in your lane, but sometimes people do really great outside of their lane.”

Rogen then went on to talk about an ambitious idea West had for a new type of movie theater that would be an eight-screen, surround-screen viewing experience:

“Kanye kept going on about this theater experience he wanted to make. He wanted a movie to play on eight screens: There’s one in front of you, two above you, two on the side of you and, like, below you. And I did have this thought like, Dude, you have made some of the greatest rap albums of all time, and I’m sitting there, like, why are you trying to design movie theaters? Just keep making these great f*cking rap albums. But who am I to say that? He made shoes that are cool, I like ’em, I wear them sometimes. So it’s something that I look at with myself: How much do you expand? How much do you try new things? How much do you spread your wings, or how much do you stay in your lane? It’s a constant modulation.”

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