Kanye West Rapped Over The Phone For A Fan Who Was Dying From Cancer

01.08.18 1 year ago

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There’s always much ado about seemingly everything Kanye West does, big or small. There were stories about the mere sight of him with longtime friend Plain Pat during a conspicuous, year-long absence from the game after a mental health crisis. No matter how out of sight Kanye tried to be, he still probably attained more headlines than most active hip-hop artists.

That’s why it’s impressive that one of the more resonant stories about Kanye never reached the news – until now. On January 2, Twitter user @StalkDebbie posted news that “this girl in my town had cancer and Kanye called her a couple days ago to rap for her.” The girl had apparently passed on January 1 but received a wonderful gesture from Kanye in her final days. The Twitter user noted that his conversation with the girl “wasn’t even blasted on social media or anything” by the West-Kardashian clan.

Debbie took the opportunity to let people know about Kanye’s good deed, and she received gratitude today in the form of a tweet from Kim Kardashian, who stated that Kim and her family are praying for the late girl’s family. Debbie then tweeted that she hopes the exchange “brought some light to the girl’s memory.” Indeed it did.

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