Kanye West Was Booed At A Show For Saying He Would’ve Voted For Donald Trump (If He’d Have Bothered To Vote)

11.18.16 3 years ago 22 Comments

It’s been a few weeks since something ridiculous happened with Kanye West or his family, so he was about due, and boy did he make up for lost time. Kanye continued his Saint Pablo tour in San Jose Thursday night and chose then to announce who he supported in this year’s election even though he didn’t vote.

“If I would have voted, I would have voted on Trump,” he told the crowd before they showered him with boos. It was one of just the many interruptions Kanye had during his set. Why he chose until now to throw his support behind one of the presidential candidates? Well, apparently Scooter Braun told him to wait until after the election to support anybody publicly.

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