Watch Kanye West Tease A New Song During An Episode Of ‘Sunday Service’

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Kanye West has been keeping fans waiting longer than expected for a new album release. Kanye previously told fans that his upcoming album, Yandhi would be released on September 29th to correspond with his appearance on SNL. The date came and went, and Kanye announced the album release would be pushed back until Black Friday. Now, Yandhi has been postponed indefinitely.

But yesterday, Kanye gifted us with a preview of a never-before-heard song, “We’ll Find A Way” on his second episode of Sunday Service, an “inspirational jam session” that features choir-sung renditions of his music. About halfway through the show, Kanye appears to tease the audience with an instrumental taste of his new album Yandhi.

Listen to the choir rendition of Kanye’s new song, “We’ll Find A Way”:

David Letterman was among those who attended the Sunday Service show.

Along with a new song, the choir also performed “Violent Crimes,” “Lift Yourself,” “I Wonder,” and Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There.” Kanye offered his own vocals to perform with the choir on “Ghost Town” from the album Ye. “Don’t it feel to know you can never be canceled,” Kanye said during the “Ghost Town” outro. “They say, ‘You can’t do this. You can’t do that, you’ll lose your career,’ but I’m still here.”

Watch the full second episode of Sunday Service: