Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 Show Was Fast, Easy And Kanye-Free

Before going any further, let’s just make the following known — Kanye West did not debut any new music at Yeezy Season 5. That means no rumored Drake collaboration or even solo Kanye solo material. None of that.

What did happen at Yeezy Season 5 is…typical NYFW stuff like models showcasing clothes. And this time, no models passed out and there was no mild chaos as there was at Season 4. In fact, Kanye’s latest fashion was extremely brief, only 13 minutes according to those in attendance, which clearly isn’t enough time for things to go awry or turn into big fun aux cord parties as they have at previous Yeezy Season shows. Drama-free and no frills, which are phrases rarely attached to anything Yeezus’ name is attached to.

It’s not clear whether people were allowed to film the show or take pics. Still, a few images and clips made their way to social media and they highlight that just because the show wasn’t streamed live like previous ones, it still was a grand event.

At look at the scene before the scene kicked off at Pier 59.

All the important people appeared to be in attendance, namely wife Kim Kardashian, Vogue’s Anna Wintour, and architect Pete Marino. Apparently, seating capacity was very limited this time around, too.

Again, no cool music could be heard.

The show began with images being projected on a large display instead of having the models come out first.

There were new sneakers featured, which may be the best news to emerge from today’s show. They’re the same rather bulky runners Kanye was spotted wearing earlier in the week.

The models did eventually take the runway. Everything flowed fast and fluid with that portion of the show lasting only a few minutes.

Kanye didn’t come out until after the show was over apparently.

So, no new music, but no drama this time around for ‘Ye, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. If he’s as serious and focused about fashion as reports often claim he is, there’s nothing wrong with reeling things in and leaving all the attention geared towards the products.

Update: One highlight not mentioned in the original article was the inclusion of one particular piece of music that wasn’t new, but a really dope demo version of The-Dream’s version of “Bed,” the unearthed version playing as part of the event’s soundtrack. Of course, most people know as J. Holiday’s big hit from 2007 but it was originally a song Dream wrote for Chris Brown years ago and it made its way online as part of a treasure trove of old Rihanna material called LoveTape: The Demo’s in 2010. “Bed” was one of several reference tracks in the collection that also included others written by the talented Mr. Nash for the likes of Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, and Ciara, as noted by Fader. They also point out that this isn’t the first time Kanye’s pulled from Dream’s LoveTape demos because he also plucked the singer’s vocals and lyrics (“I’m amazin’, I’m amazin’… I became a monster, and a killer/ Next LP better than Thriller“) for what would be become 808s and Heartbreak‘s “Amazing.”

The-Dream hasn’t made any comment regarding the song’s inclusion in Yeezy Season 5 as yet. But, J. Holiday says he’s appreciative of the look, even though he was no less in the know than anyone else shortly after. “I wonder how the playing of The Dream’s version of ‘Bed’ happened, and not mine, the original version that was released,” he told Complex. “But I am appreciative to Kanye for the look none the less. I know how much the Kardashian family has supported me and my music and I am also appreciative of them as well.”

Take a listen to The-Dream’s version of “Bed” below.