Kanye West Dissed Amber Rose Too On The Original Version Of ‘Famous’ With Young Thug

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10.06.16 10 Comments

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It might be the industry’s worst kept secret that Kanye West songs go through multiple iterations, with multiple features (and writers and producers) so it’s no surprise to see an earlier version of the controversial Life Of Pablo track “Famous” surface online. Featuring Kanye’s trademark mumbling of incomplete lines that are commonplace on his unfinished tracks, the earlier version of “Famous” also features Young Thug and a quip at Amber Rose that’s sure to get people talking.

“I feel like Amber Rose still owes me sex, why? I made that bitch famous. Well, not really but somewhat famous.”

Maybe he called her ahead of time too? Kanye and Amber have butted heads and made up publicly time and time again so Ye spouting his disdain for her and then thinking better of it seems about right. Amber has yet to comment on Kanye placing her next to Taylor Swift in the infamous bar, but the day is young and she’s never been one to keep her opinions to herself.

Beyond that controversy Young Thug is on the track ad-libbing Kanye, voicing over the chorus and spazzing on a verse to end the track. Thug likens himself to Michael Jackson, Akeem from Coming To America, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and then licks molly off his hand all in the span of about 20 seconds.

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