Karrine Steffans Back To Her Old Tricks

07.03.07 11 years ago 32 Comments


A book about the guys you have banged since the first book? Weren’t you suppose to have stopped sleeping around since before the first book? How can you speak about the downfalls of being loose, and then continue to bang random celebs so you can make another book? Who is going to buy this crap, let me stop kidding myself people will buy it on the first day. Expect some name dropping including, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo and Bobby Brown.

Here is what she said about Lil Wayne:

First, she talks about sexual encounters with Lil Wayne and even says Weezy told her about his relationship with Trina in the wake of their breakup and recent onstage appearances together in Miami. “He said he’s not back with her,” Steffans told King. “Wayne don’t claim nothing. The thing is this, what I know about Wayne is, he told me he loved her and that he was good to her.”

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King Magazine has an interview with the chick, she said she thought Lil Wayne looked like a tree monkey lol. Link

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