Kash Doll Said A Producer Wouldn’t Clear Her Track Without A Feature From A Lighter-Skinned Artist

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Detroit rap star Kash Doll once said she had never experienced colorism in the music industry, but a recent experience has changed her mind.

Kash Doll took to Twitter Sunday morning to detail a recent experience with prejudice. A producer she was working with apparently refused to finish a project unless Kash Doll got a lighter-skinned woman to join her on the track.

“It’s crazy i remember saying i haven’t witnessed Colorism just yet in the industry,” Kash Doll wrote. Well it happened! This guy don’t even wanna clear this beat Bc of my skin tone or unless i get another woman on the hook that’s a lighter complexion… just wanted to share that with u guys ??‍♀️.”

Back in September, Kash Doll responded to some claims on Instagram that the reason she hasn’t blown up as fast as some of her lighter-skinned peers is due to colorism in the industry. She responded, “I will not let Society make me believe my fine ass skin tone is the reason I’m not as big of an artist.”

But despite her experience with colorism, Kash Doll is remaining positive that she’ll get the credit she deserves soon. She responded to a fan on Twitter, “It’s all timing, love.”

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