Kehlani’s ‘CRZY’ Video Proves Her Struggles Have Only Made Her Stronger

Kehlani continues to refocus the attention on her music with a new video for “CRZY,” the first solo single she released after all the relationship drama during the spring.

The new visual is directed by Benny Boom and choreographed by Antoine Troupe and features “insanely dope diverse female dancers, and all of my real friends,” Kehlani shared via Twitter. The triumphant celebration of the Bay Area singer’s resilience (“All this sh*t I’ve been through and it made me more real than assassin”) shows her hanging out with the clique to celebrate her friend Slick’s birthday with an old-fashioned caking. There are also slick, choreographed dance routines out in the streets, as well as less organized moves just for fun with her crew.

Kehlani looks like she’s truly enjoying life in the video without a care in the world. It’s a stark contrast from personal struggles she went through earlier this year and continues the run kicked off by her collaboration with fellow Tsunami Mob singer Samaria, “Love Me Crazy” — sense a pattern here? — and followed up with the release “CRZY,” the steamy “Distraction,” and her placement on the Suicide Squad soundtrack, the Harley Quinn-themed “Gangsta.”

With all this recent productivity, could Kehlani’s follow-up to her stellar You Should Be Here mixtape be in the works? Well, she reactivated her Twitter account just in time for the release of the video, so take that as you may. Regardless of when Kehlani releases her next full project, it’s good to see her in a positive place.