Kelly Ripa Effectively Kills ‘Juju On The Beat’

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10.19.16 6 Comments

Hello, friends. It’s with a heavy, heavy heart that I announce the tragic death of Juju On The Beat. The popular, viral dance trend created by 15-year-old Zay Hilfiger in support of his infectious hit, “TZ Anthem,” was effectively killed early Wednesday by daytime talk show host Kelly Ripa. While it recently gained momentum thanks to white girls sharing clips of themselves taking the #TZAnthemDanceChallenge, Juju On The Beat was two years old.

Footage of Ripa killing the viral dance was posted online by R&B singer Ciara, who stood by as the 46-year-old host murdered the beloved dance trend with her wobbly and off-beat rendition. Heartbreakingly, Zay Hilfiger was also on hand to witness the massacre, although he tried not to make eye contact with Ripa as she mercilessly butchered his dance.

The idea for “TZ Anthem” started in the summer of 2014, Hilfiger shared with NY Mag in September. “I was just with my friends playing around, you know. This is when dances like the Nae Nae and the Whip were hot, so we just started saying ‘juju,’” As the summer [2016] went over, I came up and was like, I want to make this a real song,” Hilfiger said. “I didn’t really expect it to do what it did.” Or that Kelly Ripa would end up being responsible for its death.

Rest in peace, Juju On The Beat. We will remember you fondly as we do the macarena, the Soulja Boy, the chickenhead, and other memorable dance fads.

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