Kendrick Lamar’s Coachella Performance Was Full Of Surprises

Okay, well aside from dropping a brand new album the same day a festival like Coachella is starting, there’s plenty of things an artist like Kendrick Lamar can do to make everyone who wasn’t in attendance for his headlining set tonight regret it. He can bring out Travis Scott to do “Goosebumps” early on. He can perform so many songs off DAMN. that fans who didn’t hit this first weekend are kicking themselves. Then, he can bring out fellow Coachella performer Future — who had plenty guests of his own yesterday — to perform what may well be the best rap song of 2017, “Mask Off.”

Sure, Future’s cameo was a highlight of Kendrick’s set, but honestly so was the opportunity to hear so many of these brand new Lamar tracks for the very first time. It all seems very clear at this point that the entirety of DAMN.‘s release was coincided to make sense with this live show from Kung Fu Kenny. And even though conspiracies like a second album didn’t come through, there’s plenty of material on the leaked album itself to keep us all busy scrambling and decoding from days and weeks ahead. Check out some fan reactions and clips below and stay tuned for more DAMN. coverage in the coming days.