Kendrick Lamar Revealed The Name Of His Album Last Week, You Just Didn’t Notice

By now we know Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming album has a title (DAMN) and a release date (Friday). We also know U2 is on it which is probably the reason why the cover art is a simple, close-up photo of Lamar staring deathly into the camera. Budget cuts and what not. All of this pretty much solidifies not only the album’s existence but release date after Lamar professed an April 7th release date, only to need a week’s extension.

The sly thing about Kendrick, something we should have known by now, is that he loves easter eggs. Sure enough, there was one in the “Humble” video that barely anyone paid attention to. In the Dave Meyers-directed clip, there’s the shot of Lamar riding a bicycle as the Los Angeles he knows and loves has been shrunken into a ball.

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Look closer and you’ll notice Kendrick’s has something written on his white T-shirt. Yep, a simple four-letter word that would make Ron Simmons proud.

So here’s what we know. While the rest of the world happened to be engaged in discussions about gender politics regarding the biggest single of Cornrow Kenny’s career, he was busy dropping off little hints here and there about his new album. Pre-order DAMN. on iTunes.