Kevin Abstract’s Heartfelt Album ‘Arizona Baby’ Is Out Now In Its Completed Form

RCA Records

After releasing his second solo album in bits and pieces, Brockhampton leader Kevin Abstract finally released the whole thing late Wednesday night. Arizona Baby, featuring both of the three-song projects he previously released as the Arizona Baby single and Ghettobaby EP, is an 11-song album that includes the three singles, “Big Wheels,” “Baby Boy,” and “Peach,” and is co-produced in large part by indie rock star Jack Antonoff.

In explaining why he decided to release Arizona Baby rather than focusing on the follow-up to Brockhampton’s 2018 album Iridescence, Abstract admitted that the songs he’d been writing lately felt too personal and didn’t suit the group vibe that usually accompanies Brockhampton’s more raucous projects. He did, however, promise that now that Arizona Baby has been completed, he is focused on the next Brockhampton album after explaining that the group just “ain’t spending 10 days on albums” anymore.

He is also, in typical Kevin Abstract fashion, replying to fans’ enthusiastic responses to the album online with his usually vulnerable mix of sincerity and humor, earnestly thanking all listeners for checking it out and proclaiming that he “Put my soul into this album and I ain’t really tripping bout streams or sales as much as I was with the last bh record. I was just making something out of survival,” before concluding, “If you identify with my truth or any of the shit I’m saying and u listen the work – thank u I mean that sincerely.”

Listen to Arizona Baby above and get it here.

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