Kevin Abstract Released The New ‘Ghettobaby’ EP To Continue His Gradual Album Rollout


Kevin Abstract is taking a fascinating approach to his next album: Instead of sharing Arizona Baby all at once, he’s releasing it in installments. Last week, he shared the Arizona Baby EP, and now he’s back with the second part, a new EP titled Ghettobaby. The EP features the three songs from the first EP (“Big Wheels,” “Joy Ride,” and “Georgia”) as well as three new ones: “Corpus Christi,” “Baby Boy,” and “Mississippi.”

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Abstract recently explained the idea behind the album rollout, writing in a series of tweets, “I’ve been making a ton of music some for the group some for me just bc some sh*t is too personal / self indulgent to Put on a group album and thats also a dif character all together but this summer I want all that sh*t out tired of holding records Back. ARIZONA baby is an album btw I’m just slowly releasing it over time. I don’t like EPs. And also like I hate how people listen to albums nowadays ppl see the song with the star or most streams and listen to that sh*t first I’m not talkin bout y’all I mean the majority so just wanted to try something different.”

Based on an Instagram post from earlier this month, it looks like the final part of Arizona Baby will be released on April 25: The image shows three dates, and the first two have coincided with Abstract’s new EPs.

Listen to the Ghettobaby EP above.