Kevin Durant Accidentally Told The Warriors’ Owner His Free-Agency Plans Before He Was Ready

Kevin Durant
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Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors in July because he wanted a change. His decision rocked the basketball world and marked the beginning of what could be one of the most iconic dynasties in league history.

Considering the on-court ramifications of the 2014 MVP teaming with the core of a 73-win squad, it’s easy to believe his free-agency choice was cut and dried. As Durant tells it three months later, though, his subconscious knew he was joining the Golden State juggernaut before he’d come to realize it himself.

During a panel discussion at the Stanford Graduate School of Business last night, Durant shared the spotlight with Joe Lacob and recalled accidentally revealing his decision to the Warriors’ owner before he’d completely made up his mind.

Durant, believe it or not, believed he was going to “drag that decision out a long time” upon phoning Lacob and Golden State general Bob Myers. Was it the soothing voices of the Warriors’ top decision-makers that prompted his stark shift in diction? You wouldn’t think so. Then again, the four-time scoring champion did readily admit that speaking with Meyers and Lacob “eased my mind.”

That’s right, folks. The presence of Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson in a market like the Bay Area might have been your chief justification for signing with Golden State. But Kevin Durant’s? He just loved the vibe provided by the Warriors’ front office.