Khalid Pulls Some Nail-Biting Maneuvers With A Fleet Of BMWs In His Wistful ‘Better’ Video

I’m sure the premise of Khalid‘s wistful video for “Better” from his Suncity EP was more likely meant to be visually thrilling than nerve-wracking, but I couldn’t help holding my breath anyway as he danced in a vacant lot surrounded by multicolored BMWs drifting and swooping by him at high speed. Needless to say, professional stunt drivers were probably involved, so don’t try this at home.

The El Paso, TX R&B revivalist shows off both his smooth vocals and some confident dance moves in the nighttime-set video, singing about an undercover love thing while the cars sail through some complex maneuvers all around him. The mid-tempo beat, produced by Charlie Handsome, throws back to the mid-90s, Miami bass-inspired Ghost Town DJs hit “My Boo,” which became a viral hit all over again in 2016 thanks to the “Running Man Challenge.”

Meanwhile, Khalid’s Suncity EP, released in September of this year, sees the young gun R&B upstart capitalizing on the success of last year’s American Teen debut and the subsequent notoriety and acclaim he picked up from some stellar live performances, including one with Maryland rapper Logic of the anti-suicide hit, “1-800-273-8255.” His “OTW” video featuring Ty Dolla Sign and 6lack, was tabbed as one of 2018’s true sleeper hits. With so much talent and so many accolades under his belt, Khalid continues on his successful trajectory, giving fans plenty of hope for 2019.