Lil Wayne And Kehlani Bring Bombast To Khalid’s Sparse ‘Location’ In A New Remix

Khalid’s “Location” was an R&B hit that crept up on the whole world in 2016, a narrative that fits the sound of sparse and slightly ragged bedroom track almost too perfectly. Though the video for “Location” has been viewed over 18 million times since it debuted in September, there’s every possibility that you might have missed it. It’s barely there production can cause the track to slip out of your brain to even while you’re hearing it.

But here’s the thing. Khalid’s song is too good to go unremarked upon. And Lil Wayne and Kehlani clearly think that a few more people need to hear the song, so they’ve hopped on a new remix shortly after the 19-year-old crooner released his debut album American Teen.

Neither artist really seems to fit in with Khalid’s finger-plucked and desert-wandering booty call. Lil Wayne’s auto-tuned vocals are particularly jarring. But, it does give us some excellent new work from Kehlani, just in case you needed more of her after the excellent SweetSexySavage. And her sweet vocals can act as a salve for any European fans who might be bummed out that she recently cancelled her tour for health reasons. Give it a listen up top and stream Khalid’s debut below: