Watch Khalid’s Sweetly Acoustic Cover Of SZA’s ‘The Weekend’

Teen dream Khalid is just made for this. There was the time he sang “Location” on the street in Los Angeles after Coachella, shut down the Santa Monica Pier for the most-packed Twilight Concert ever, and his star-making performances on late night TV, all proving this kid not only deserved his Prom King win in high school, but all the success he’s earned since.

Meanwhile, SZA’s sexy, slow-burner “The Weekend,” is a clear standout from her album CTRL, having become a favorite for other singers to cover, and Khalid is no exception. While Miguel opted for an acapella rendition at a local Los Angeles art museum, Khalid puts his own twist on the song, with a guitarist providing an upbeat, acoustic backdrop for his slightly faster version, filmed in what appears to be his tour bus. The fans are feeling it as well; the tweet featuring the video is well on its way to 100,000 likes and has over 43,000 retweets. It’s been interesting to note that SZA’s ostensibly female-empowering CTRL has resonated so strongly among male artists, but that’s good music for you. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or why, sometimes you just have to sing.