Are You Ready For An Hour And A Half Of New Kid Cudi Music?

09.06.16 2 years ago

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Before the summer began, Kid Cudi shared plans to release two albums in 2016 — one that would be out during the warmest season and the second to follow in fall. Plans have changed yet again as Cudi is releasing a double-disc album, 90-plus minutes of music, sometime this month. While he doesn’t use the title Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’ directly, it’s speculated that this is that album.

“So I’m working on a date for a release this month,” he said on Twitter. “Available on ALL PLATFORMS for streaming and download, physicals shortly after. At 18 tracks deep, the album is well over an 1hr 30mins long, so the physical will be a double disc set.”While the physical copies will be two-discs for its length, it’s also not clear if Cudi meshed his two albums together to form one long album or if another one is still indeed in the works.

This year has seen Cudi on a bit of a nice streak. He’s released some really strong singles, including “Goodbye,” and has been featured on albums from Kanye West and Travi$ Scott. Both of those features saw a return to form version of Cudi as well, mirroring his earlier years. This is why the hype/hope for his new album is building.

There’s a consensus on the net about Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven. Either you really love it or really hate it. There’s no in-between for that project. As someone who didn’t care for it much, Cudi has been building toward what the people do want out of him again. I just think Speedin’ Bullet was too far left. You have to ease your fans into it and even find a way to combine what they love with what you want to add in. It’s like toying with a recipe after becoming familiar with it.

Nonetheless, we’re getting a Kid Cudi album this month. It’s supposed to feature Pharrell, via a track Cudi performed live recently, and Travi$ Scott who did a track for the album back in June. Are you ready for over an hour and a half of Cudi’s new music?

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