Killer Mike Settles The Nazi-Punching Debate Once And For All

Getty Image

The video showing white nationalist Richard Spencer getting his clock cleaned is the gift that keeps on giving at this point. The widely circulated clip shows the alt-right leader catching a hard punch thrown by an Inauguration Day protestor wearing a mask and many social media users recreating versions of the video backed by their favorite songs, including one that features Run The Jewels’ “Blockbuster Night Part 1.” On Sunday, Killer Mike retweeted a version of the mash-up on Twitter and remarked “This is amazing,” which ultimately lead to users asking the rapper to weigh in on the ongoing debate of whether it’s okay to punch a Nazi.

Of course, Killer Mike didn’t shy away from sharing his point of view on the subject. When asked why he would “promote hate,” the rapper responded by calling Spencer a “Nazi wanna be” before saying “I think it’s ok for a white guy to knock the shit outta a nazi, still.”

As the replies started rolling into his timeline, he selected a handful to respond to. One user stated, “So violence and hate is OK if it’s someone YOU hate. Got it :/” to which Mike offered up the response, “I’m pro violence against enemies of this Republic. Last I checked Nazis were still on My Granddads “f*ck up on site” list. ?? Murcia!”

See the original tweet plus Killer Mike’s replies below. Besides the RTJ version, there are a lot other musical versions of the punch on a dedicated Twitter account right here.