Killer Mike Shares A Bottle Of Crip Cola With Stephen Colbert To Explain His Controversial Netflix Show

One of the first things Killer Mike does in his fascinating and funny interview with Late Show host Stephen Colbert is offer him membership in Run The Jewels as the third MC. The bemused host doesn’t seem to know what to make of that offer, but seems perfectly game to split a bottle of “Crip Cola” (which he smoothly opens on a staircase rail) with Mike, who appeared on the show to explain the premise and motivations behind his own show Trigger Warning now streaming on Netflix.

He describes the show as “the most absurd thoughts and arguments I’ve had in my life, and to see if they’re possible.” The impetus behind thinking he could get away with a show documenting such controversial subjects as officially licensed gang products and starting his own religion, he says, is that “in Atlanta, everything is possible for Black kids, so I never had a limit on my imagination.”

When Colbert wonders, “Why is that?” Mike’s response is, as usual, simple, straightforward, and hilarious: “Atlanta is Wakanda for real,” he jokes, referencing the fictional, futuristic African nation from Marvel’s Black Panther. Colbert immediately recognizes the basis of comparison: “Skyscrapers and Black people everywhere.” It’s pretty apt.

Mike wonders about bringing businesses to the hood, which he says lowers crime rates, and also explains starting his own religion, The Church Of Sleep. It’s insightful and funny and makes a strong case for Trigger Warning, which is out now. Incidentally, the musical guest turns out to be fellow Atlantan Dungeon Family adjunct Future, whose new album The Wizrd is also out today.

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