Kanye Tweeted A Throwback Video Collage Of Kim And The Rest Of Kardashians To Celebrate Her Birthday

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Kim Kardashian’s birthday is usually filled with social media posts from both her and her wide and wonderful coven of online supporters. 2016 is different though, because it’s only been a couple weeks since the calculated attack on Kim where she was tied up and robbed.

Given the trauma of a moment like that, it’s not surprising that she has no desire to return to her old life and has been laying low on social media. Let me be the first to wish her comfort and healing, and hope that someday soon she feels safe and secure enough to return to her old effusively social self.

Luckily, her husband is still online and tweeted over five minutes of adorable video of throwback footage of Kim and her family. A notable figure in the footage is Kim’s dad, Robert, who died when she was 23. Of course, “Only One” soundtracks the whole thing, and one particularly touching moment is when Kim is watching Kris give birth to Kendall or Kylie and says “I can’t wait until it’s my turn.”

But actually, Kanye isn’t the first to send out a comforting and supportive birthday wish to Kim today — that honor goes to everybody’s darling Chance The Rapper. He took a moment today to post the above photo of them on Instagram, and wrote a brief and encouraging note to Kim. He doesn’t pretend like they’re best friends or anything, but he gives an exact rundown of how he feels about her and how thankful he is that someone of her status has always been cool to him.

Here’s Chance’s full caption:

Happy Birthday to this kind, brilliant, magnificent woman. She’s stronger and more willful than you know. Always so nice and cool to me, thank you for who you’ve been to me and so many others. & To many more!! 🎁🎁🎁

His closing line — “and to many more!!” — is the most indicative here. Kanye and Chance have gotten closer and closer recently, and perhaps that’s in part to how cool Chance is able to be with Kim, a quality that Jay Z is apparently lacking in. It makes sense too, Kanye’s personality is super loyal and devoted, but he’s always made it clear that family comes first to him. With Jay and Blue Ivy shirking playdates with North, and missing important life events like the KimYe wedding, it makes sense that Kanye would look elsewhere for, ahem, real friends.

The Chance and Kanye friendship is great for fans, because it means that a joint album is apparently on the way. Look for a Drake shout out to Kim on the ‘gram, maybe that’ll help get him out of the doghouse re: the recently noted similarities between his Summer Sixteen stage setup and the Saint Pablo tour.

Rap beef aside, here’s hoping Kim and Kanye have a wonderful day together, even if we don’t get any glimpses into how they celebrate.

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