Kim Kardashian West Faces Down Questions About Kanye And Her Sisters To Avoid Eating Disgusting Food With James Corden

Kim Kardashian West showed little fear facing down the table full of disgusting treats on The Late Late Show, answering almost every question that was thrown at her to avoid eating bull penis and drinking bird saliva. While it is still debatable if it is real bird saliva, she didn’t have to find out and actually performed better than all of her sisters did during their prior appearances.

Kardashian West had no problem ranking her family members from best to worst dressed or revealing that Kanye West is constantly falling asleep at all moments of the day, including Parent-Teacher Conferences and in the middle of dinner, but soon was faced with a question about the rumors surrounding the pregnancy of Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. This was where she hesitated a bit, opting to keep silent and fill her guts with a thick, creamy sardine smoothie. Given her past comments online, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. That said, she has to regret drinking that nightmare in a glass.

She also provides a few funny moments during Corden’s portion of the festivities, asking if eating scorpions is even legal or if they will poison you and noting that the bull penis is quite tiny.

She also sat down for a chat alongside Ludacris later in the show, promoting her new fragrance — thoroughly enjoyed by James Corden — and discussing the impending birth of her third child after accidentally revealing the gender on Ellen.

The only sad part is that most of the food on the table isn’t eaten. A good version of this particular late night game features stars eating junk and nearly throwing up in the process — a creative way of cutting the tall poppies.

(Via The Late Late Show)