The Warriors’ Owner Genuflected To Klay Thompson As His Son’s DAP Got Brutally Ignored

Saturday night was fun, and that’s before we get into a wealthy venture capitalist genuflecting at the feet of his employee.

In the above video, the somewhat conceited venture capitalist who owns the Warriors, Joe Lacob, bowed down to Game 6 hero Klay Thompson in the bowels of Chesapeake Energy Arena after the game on Saturday night.

That’s a pretty cool thing for an owner to do, even a self-regarding one like Lacob. Except, Lacob’s son might not think his dad was so funny.

After bowing down, Joe Lacob quickly returned to his feet in time to hug Klay. There’s only so much groveling — fake or otherwise — a venture capitalist can stand. That’s part of the charm of owning an NBA franchise, we guess. You can hug your sweaty players as they’re coming off the court following one of the biggest wins in franchise history. It’s actually sort of cool and humanizing. Billionaire owners are fans just like us (except, billionaires).

But his son — no, not the assistant general manager Kirk Lacob, but his little brother — didn’t come out of the sequence looking so awesome. He got left hanging as his dad hugged Klay.

The aforementioned Kirk Lacob noticed the reaction online, too, and decided to have some fun with his little bro’s embarrassment.

Good times in Oakland. Better not mess up Game 7, or we can promise you that Crying Jordan will adorn the entire Lacob family before anyone can reach the post-game podium.