LeBron James Got Daniel Caesaer To Serenade His Wife Savannah For Their Anniversary

Getty Image

There was a time not so long ago that men were using Daniel Caesar concerts to propose to their special ladies, but now, NBA star LeBron James has got all those guys beat. While he’s best known for his smooth moves on the basketball court, the three-time champion and newly minted leader of the Los Angeles Lakers also knows how to shoot his shot romantically. For his anniversary with wife Savannah James, LeBron convinced the Canadian crooner to come to his home for a session of seductive serenades especially for his loyal partner of five years — who he’s dated since their high school days. Check out the video below.

LeBron’s been in the news a bunch lately; both for his support of Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ads, which stirred up a torrent of conservative backlash for backing the controversial athlete on the company’s 30th anniversary of its iconic “Just Do It’ campaign, and for his own civic outreach. LeBron opened a public school, the “I Promise” school, to uplift underserved kids from the Akron area where he grew up. He’s also become more active in Hollywood, producing a number of different show ideas, from the barbershop-themed discussion show The Shop to an as-yet-unnamed sports drama for NBC. With all that going on, it’s no wonder LeBron wanted his anniversary to consist of a quiet night in with Savannah and the kids — it’s just that, being LeBron, he had to make sure his night in was bigger and better than anyone else’s.