Suddenly, LeBron James’ Instagram Is The Most Valuable Promotional Tool In Rap

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It’s just about impossible to know when it started. Instagram’s story feature is a self-destructing time bomb on a 24-hour limit, so whenever LeBron James decided that was the place he’d broadcast to the world what he was listening to on a random day is anybody’s guess. The fact remains those brief glimpses into his daily life and the soundtrack to his day have become news. Suddenly, LeBron is offering critiques of new music, revealing what old-school hip-hop he’s jamming on any random day and, apparently, breaking new songs.

This is all a part of LeBron continuing to pull back the curtain — whether contrived or not — and revealing more and more of the “real” him. His manicured Nike image is being swept aside ever so slightly so he can listen to hardcore gangster rap like Sacramento legend Brotha Lynch Hung, and rap his words about shooting guns at his enemies.

So what is a LeBron Instagram post worth to a rapper? Well, to figure that out it might be best to start at the top with LeBron’s friend Beyonce. Recently D’Marie Analytics conducted a survey that concluded that Beyonce’s Instagram posts are worth $1,000,000. Bey touts over 99 million followers, more than three times the amount as LeBron, so even if his social media value isn’t as high as her, it still must be staggering.

Artists are clearly starting to notice, as Bron was passed exclusives from Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle this week. Maybe he doesn’t care about how the artists feel about him playing unreleased music for all of Instagram to hear, but what’s most likely is he was given permission — or even urged to play the records — and judging by his knowledge of the lyrics, he’s had them for some time. In fact, Nipsey went so far as to tweet the video himself, saying LeBron was debuting the new track “Blue Laces 2.”

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