LeBron Sends A Clear Message To Everyone With A Meme Ahead Of Game 7

As to be expected, there’s a lot of noise surrounding LeBron James heading into Game 7 of the NBA Finals. On a smaller scale, there’s also the war of words (and actions) that has gone on recently between LeBron and the Golden State Warriors. Not necessarily on the court, mind you, but consider all of this:

Oh, and LeBron is doing all of this with his legacy on the line for some observers. Win Game 7, and he manages to bring a championship to Cleveland, the thing that’s so eluded him – and every other Cleveland athlete – for so long. Lose, and people will ignore the fact that he lost to maybe the best basketball team of all time. All that some will care about is that LeBron fell to 2-4 in the Finals in his career, which never happened to Michael Jordan. Therefore this means lol luhbrawn sux or something really narrow-minded like that.

It’s impossible for LeBron to not hear all of this noise. Sure, he went full Zero Dark Thirty back in April, but people are getting so loud that he can’t help but hear everything surrounding him and this series, even if he’d never admit to it in a press conference. Which brings us to the question: what does LeBron James think about all of this? What does he think of the criticism, the statements questioning his manhood, and all of that stuff?

Well, as we learned from the hat that he wore to his press conference on Saturday, it’s none of his business, obviously.