Lil B Reminds James Harden Of A Curse After He Continues To Use The Cooking Dance

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There seems to be some confusion on the internet about the status of Lil B’s curse on James Harden. Many outlets are saying that Lil B is threatening to curse the Houston Rockets guard again, but these reports are misguided. As far as we can tell, the curse is still very much alive—Lil B is just doing his due diligence in warning Harden about the effects.

The Based God and his curse are back in the headlines after Harden cooked his way to a victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder Sunday night. In wake of Harden continuing to use Lil B’s signature cooking dance in the 31-point victory, the Bay Area rapper tweeted, “James harden please calm down with the lil b cooking dance sports celebration congrats for the okc win but watch the curse.”

Lil B lifted the curse on Harden back in the summer of 2015 because “he may be more troubled inside.” However, as of April 2016, Lil B says the curse is very much back on.

A few months prior, he even taunted Harden for breaking the records for most turnovers an a single season and chalked it up to the curse of the Based God.

It’s worth noting that there is precedence for reconciliation. Lil B lifted the curse against Kevin Durant and welcomed him with open arms when he joined his hometown Golden State Warriors in the last offseason. We’re not saying Harden needs to make that super team even more super, but he could stop doing the cooking dance or at least give Lil B the credit he deserves. It’s your move, James.