Quavo And Lil Yachty Jump On Lil Durk’s Lusty New Song ‘Homie B*tch’

Up and coming Chicago rapper Lil Durk unveiled a brand new track today that comes with a pair of heavy-hitting features. Titled, “Homie B*tch,” the song is an X-rated banger, fueled with gratiuoutous amounts of sexual imagery that comes with guest appearances by Quavo and Lil Yachty.

Durk kicks things off with a truly eye-popping opening verse filled with a list of acts that are frankly, too much to even print here. Let’s just say there’s a lot of Patron and some Ace of Spades champaign involved. He eventually gives way to Quavo who throttles back on the carnal intrigue and puts together a rather touching verse about a girl who was, “here before the models / She was here before the bottles / She was here before the guala (before that) / So you know I gotta spoil her.” Yachty anchors the track and gets a little callous: “You hit my phone one more time that homeboy girl sh*t is history.”

In an email to Complex, Durk explained how he managed to get the track put together. “I did this record in L.A. late last year,” he explained. “Me and Quavo was talking back and forth, I sent it to him [and] he laid his verse. Then Yachty came to Chicago and heard it, laid his verse and the rest is history.”

You can listen to “Homie B*tch” above.

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