Lil Nas X Coolly Dismissed Dave East’s Negative Appraisal Of His Chart-Topping Hit ‘Old Town Road’

Eric Lagg

When Dave East dissed the Lil Nas X hit “Old Town Road” as being “super wack,” Lil Nas didn’t let it get him down at all. In fact, he may have had the perfect response to such a comment when he appeared on the Zach Sang Show, telling the host that he had zero qualms with Dave’s opinion, because his viral hit is way too successful to stress what a hater thinks.

In the above video, the host goes straight for the juicy quote, asking Lil Nas straight up how he feels about Dave East calling the song wack. The rapper’s reply is just as straightforward: “I honestly have gotten this question so many times,” he said. “I have the No. 1 song in the country. I do not give a f*ck about what Dave East is saying.”

Specifically, what Dave East said during an Instagram Live chat with his own fans was in response to a question about how he felt about “Old Town Road.” He didn’t hold back, calling it “wack with a cape on it.” His words echoed lots of sentiments that often come from older rap figures — especially those centered in New York — about the current condition of hip-hop now that the barriers to entry have been effectively razed by the advent of streaming.

“Old Town Road” was one of the direct beneficiaries of this effect, rising to fame on the back of a viral TikTok meme to eventually become the first song to land on both the hip-hop and country Billboard charts. Its popularity skyrocketed when news broke that Billboard had removed it from the country chart, prompting a public outcry that fed into its exposure and eventually lifted it to No. 1 on the Hot 100, where it’s remained for the past three weeks.