Lil Nas X Made A Military-Themed ‘Old Town Road’ Remix In Response To His Own Meme

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Not only does Lil Nas X have the biggest song of the year with “Old Town Road,” but he’s also one of the best Twitter follows in all of music. He loves cracking jokes for his fans, and he just posted what may be his best one yet.

It all began last night, when Lil Nas X shared an old photo of himself as a kid, wearing a camouflage military-style uniform, and captioned it, “a naked girl can get hundreds of likes how man likes for our troops.” He got plenty of likes (over 255,000 as of this post), and he also spawned a chain of comments from fans adapting the “Old Town Road” lyrics to thematically match the photo.

The collaborative fan-written lyrics began, “I got my troops in the back, they ready to attack / AK is attached, and the scope is black to match / Ridin’ on a tank, smoking on that dank.” Then Lil Nas X himself added, “just copped a camaro now i’m headed to the bank.” He took things even further this afternoon, when he shared a new, seemingly quickly recorded version of this alternate “Old Town Road” verse.

If there’s one “right” way to use the internet, it’s how Lil Nas X does it.

Listen to the new “Old Town Road” remix above, and read our review of Lil Nas X’s new 7 EP here.