Lil Peep’s Fans, Friends, And Fellow Musicians Paid Their Respects At His Hometown Memorial Service

Family and friends of the late Lil Peep showed up in droves to Long Island, New York to pay their respects to the musician in an emotional live-streamed memorial. Over the hour-long ceremony, Peep’s songs were played as fans sang along, arm in arm, and a cover of his song “Awful Things,” performed by Good Charlotte, was screened for those in attendance.

As people took turns remembering him for his music and fashion sense, his mother Liza Womack recalled his rejection of those who marginalized others in society, painting a picture of a man with a massive heart that was beating for those around him, not just another rapper glorifying drugs: “Gus understood that many good people suffered injustice because of what they looked like or how much money they had. He saw how the cool kids who lived in the fancy neighborhoods looked down on his friends who lived in the projects – and looked down on his own family who lived in an apartment and drove an old Nissan. Gus got fed up with that world. He rejected it.”

After the service, hundreds of Lil Peep’s most passionate fans laid roses on the beach, including one man who stripped nearly bare and ran into the cold water with a rose in hand.

As the roses were being laid down, his face was projected onto London’s House of Commons in London.