Lil Pump Was Arrested For Disorderly Conduct After Getting Kicked Off A Flight

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I Love It” rapper Lil Pump was arrested last night (December 13) at an airport in Miami after drugs were supposedly discovered in his bag, according to TMZ. However, after the initial report surfaced, the story changed multiple times, thickening the plot each time.

At first, it seemed relatively straightforward: Authorities discovered drugs in Lil Pump’s bag and had him kicked off the plane, resulting in his arrest at the terminal. However, a later update revealed that a TSA screener flagged Pump’s crew member’s bag, saying it smelled like weed. The bag was searched and no drugs were discovered. Pump and his manager were arrested because they became “disorderly” during the argument with the screeners.

The most recent update takes TSA out of the equation entirely. Apparently, a baggage handler who was storing the luggage on the plane reported the aroma of marijuana coming from a bag marked “Garcia” — Pump’s government name — to the airline, prompting the plane’s captain to confront the rapper. The captain was the one who kicked the pair off the plane where they were arrested for disorderly conduct while speaking with the police.

Pump has had multiple brushes with the law over his past year of fame since his single “Gucci Gang” blew up and rocketed him into the spotlight. In February, he was arrested for shooting a handgun through the door of his Florida home, while in August he was picked up and sentenced to a short prison stay for violating probation when he was caught driving without a license. As far as scrapes with the law go, disorderly conduct is pretty far down the list, but at this point, Pump may want to lay low for a while, because too many rising star rappers are trying to maintain their careers from behind bars lately.

Lil Pump is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.