Lil Pump’s Newest Chain Could Mean That Gucci Mane Won His Bidding War


After ditching Xanax, Lil Pump seems to have gotten his mind right. Now we’re left to wonder — did he get the right bag? Ever since the young rapper found his way off of Warner Bros Records due to an age-related technicality, several hip-hop figures have expressed interest in signing the young artist. DJ Khaled apparently held an “urgent” meeting between himself, his lawyers, and Pump. Who knows if We The Best was able to meet Pump’s high demands. Pump has said he wouldn’t be interested in signing to a major label for less than “12-15 million.” Given how much leverage he has as a burgeoning act coming off of a top 10 Billboard hit with “Gucci Gang,” it’s good to see him put his worth as high as possible. Not bad for an “albino Waka,” as Flocka snidely called Pump.

Waka’s comments are ironic considering where Pump may have signed. Gucci Mane has previously told Pump “you name the price” to sign to 1017 Records. The two were also seen together over Grammy weekend. Did they discuss a deal — or the inceptive parameters of Gucci Mane being in Gucci Gang? We may have our answer sooner rather than later. Pump took to his Instagram story today to post a short snippet of him wearing a shiny new 1017 chain. We didn’t get anything in the way of confirmation, however. Gucci’s work ethic and content has influenced most of the “New Atlanta” rap scene, so it would be a good look for Pump to stick around and learn his habits. Gucci has also said he wants to go “100% independent” for 2018, which could also bode well for Pump. We’ll see.