Lil Pump Shows Off His New Physique After ‘Kicking The Cup,’ And Encourages Others To Quit Lean

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Lil Pump kicked off 2018 by announcing he was letting Xanax go, and it looks like the young artist has followed through on his goal of kicking the cup, AKA stopping his lean usage. Pump jumped on his Instagram story shirtless yesterday, celebrating his growth through weight loss. “Hey, I’m Lil Pump, and I kicked the cup. I think you should kick the cup too. Look how skinny I got,” he noted, before excitedly screaming and flexing. Earlier this year, Pump uploaded a video of himself tossing his bottle of syrup in the river, proclaiming, “I’mma quit all that lean sh*t.” Lean abuse can slow your metabolism to a crawl and otherwise bloat your stomach.

The proud moment puts a nice bow on an up and down 2018 for Pump. On a positive tip, he dropped one of the year’s better songs in “Esskeetit,” collaborated with Kanye West for “I Love It,” and even performed the song in a polarizing Saturday Night Live appearance. On the flipside, Pump has been involved in his share of controversy, including recently being kicked off a flight and a gun arrest highlighted by his accusation that “three Black men” had tried to break in his home when in reality he shot the door.

More recently, he drew the ire of Asian entertainers Awkwafina and China Mac who took exception to a “ching chong” line he made in his “Butterfly Doors” song. Hopefully, that issue will be resolved, and the positivity of letting lean go will be his biggest takeaway from 2018.