Lil Tracy Lyrically Honors Lil Peep In His DIY ‘Demons’ Video

Hip-Hop Editor

Virginian rapper Lil Tracy was one of the last artists to collaborate with the late Lil Peep and made sure to keep a reference to the pair’s final collaboration in his latest single, “Demons,” which received the visual treatment today. “When I die, bury me with all my ice on,” Tracy quotes from his and Peep’s “Witchblades,” one of the final songs of the departed rapper’s oeuvre. In “Witchblades,” both rappers repeat the line, which Tracy returns to once again on the Marvy Ayy-produced “Demons.”

The video, directed by Wiggy, features Tracy and his bandmates drinking Jameson and performing in the studio. It’s a simple concept that feels all the more intimate due to the song’s subject matter, which finds Tracy dodging his metaphorical demons. Tracy and Peep previously collaborated on a number of other songs from their respective catalogs, including “White Wine” and “Awful Things,” from Peep’s Come Over When You’re Sober, Vol. 1.

Peep, born Gustavo Åhr, died late last year from an accidental overdose of the drug Fentanyl, which he mistakenly took thinking that it was the antidepressant Xanax. His death set off an outpouring of tributes from the hip-hop world and caused many of his peers and contemporaries to reevaluate their own relationships with dangerous drugs.

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