Lil Uzi Vert Apparently Left His Instagram Login On A Brothel Wall, And The Results Are Wild

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Artists are apparently getting “hacked” all the time. Whether the “hacked” posts are gripes about label woes or something even more embarrassing, entertainers are quick to relinquish ownership of questionable posts. Sometimes, they’re lying after having one too many of whatever. Rarely, it’s a legitimate hack. And in the apparent case of Lil Uzi, you write your Instagram login info in a place where multiple people can take it. Apparently the “XO Tour Llif3” rapper was having a little fun the other night, and was so in the zone that he wrote his password on a wall of a brothel – which has led to several odd posts and “promotion” of Nicki Minaj’s “Chun Li” single.

People were tipped off to the oddity when his account made a post with a caption explaining that, “Uzi Told me to tell y’all He Really doesn’t exist and neither does you in the next person eyes.” The caption also let people know that, “if you think of a notepad and pen it will appear in days write ‘Hello’ on the paper lose it on purpose and you will see the word ‘Goodbye’ everywhere Forever unless you have more paper.” The person hilariously ended the caption noting that, “This N—- Weird but he my mans so F*ck it.”

Another more recent caption reads the following:

Dude like 20 people has to have Uzi Instagram. He wrote his login name password and iCloud in a tiny bathroom at a massage room/Brothel. I wanna @ myself so bad dude but I don’t want anybody to know I attend that type of activity.

Apparently, this person is bold enough to steal a famous entertainer’s social media info but a little too meek to admit they attend brothels. Hopefully, nothing too damaging or embarrassing comes of this situation and Uzi grabs his account back – or takes ownership of one of the most creative social media stunts ever.