Whoever Got Into Lil Uzi Vert’s Instagram Page Has Posted A Previously Unreleased Song To His SoundCloud

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Strange, random captions have defined Lil Uzi Vert’s Instagram feed for days now. Someone manned his page yesterday and said that Uzi apparently left his login info on a brothel wall, and “like 20 people” have taken advantage. It seems a bit far-fetched to believe that he hasn’t been able to retrieve or shut down his account by now if he really didn’t have access to it, or that these people with his password would only be posting occasionally. His recently released “Who Run It” freestyle with G-Herbo has a double meaning at this point.

His account is apparently still not in his possession, and a post from today is threatening to leak some of Uzi’s music. The caption for the post read:

Been lookin threw Uzi messages. I feel bad for the kid he has so many platinum plaques and charting songs but for some reason he is still Broke. I’ve been going through his messages and he has some good songs in this thing it’s ashamed that his bosses won’t let him put any content out . Honestly I care nothing about the guy but I hate when people get took advantage of . I typed SoundCloud In Uzi messages and every password came up . Thank me later Uzi I’m leakin songs for your fans ?.

It seems odd that Uzi would be giving out his SoundCloud password in Uzi’s messages. And what does “every password” mean? There’s only one login to SoundCloud. There are a lot of questions with this story, and hopefully Uzi can clear this all up sooner than later.


Update: It looks like whoever this person is has uploaded a track to Uzi’s official SoundCloud page entitled “Leaked,” with a “hahahahahahahahhahahahaa!” caption. You can listen to the song below: