Lil Wayne Faces Heat After An Old Video Of Him Supporting Black Lives Matter Resurfaces

Lil Wayne has fans scratching their heads and wondering what the hell is going on after the YMCMB rapper’s confusing interview with Nightline. In September, Wayne, who also said racism didn’t exist, said he was too uninformed about Black Lives Matter to give any sort of an opinion on the movement, still remains clueless today apparently, telling Nightline, “What is it? What do you mean?” when asked how he felt about the activist movement.

Wayne’s mystifying response is a sharp contrast to what he said during his LIl Weezyana Fest in New Orleans back in August. “We are Black America. Black Lives Matter!,” the 34-year-old rapper screamed to the crowd before rhyming, “Clothes don’t matter. Cars don’t matter. Nothing else matters cause black lives matter. bitch!”

So, again, what the hell? Drugs seem to be the popular answer among fans, with one guy tweeting, “I picture Lil Wayne’s brain being a lava lamp but with codeine.” Another adding, “His brain fried bro the drugs got him thinking/saying some dumb sh*t lately.” Other fans think Wayne’s differing responses has to do with PR more than anything. “I feel as though the whole thing was a publicity stunt smh n*ggas trying to stay relevant even if it mean disregarding your own people.”

However, not everyone is buying the publicity stunt or drugs theory. Some just think Weezy really doesn’t give a damn. “Lil Wayne’s response to black lives matters shows the wrongs in today’s society. Just because it doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean you should ignore the problem.”