Lil Wayne’s Beef With His Label Is Still On After He Yelled ‘F*ck Cash Money’ At A Recent Show

If ever you thought that the drama between Lil Wayne and Cash Money had died down, think again my friend. Weezy was performing at Denver’s 420 Rally over the weekend and was captured sending a little venom the label’s way. In the video clip, he’s heard spearheading a call and response with the crowd where he said “F*ck the bullshit” then “F*ck Cash Money.”

It’s been another topsy-turvy year for the ongoing battle between both parties. At the top of 2016, they were in the club turning up to ring in the New Year and later they’ve even appeared on stage and in the studio together at different points. But, as all reports indicated, Lil Wayne’s still looking to get paid the millions he’s owed before anything’s settled on his end.

(Via Complex)