Lil Wayne Speaks On Drake, Nicki Minaj & Plans After Being Released

11.01.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

The Juice: Since you’ve been at Rikers, Drake and Nicki Minaj have broken out as bona fide superstars. What about the two has pushed them along to become such forces to be reckoned with? Was there anything about their rise that shocked you?

Lil Wayne: Young Money artists Drake and Nicki Minaj are both born stars! I am just blessed to have them on the team. It’s Drake’s drive to be great and Nick’s motivation to be different and creative. I am not shocked at all about their immediate success.

You’ve been one of the most prolific artists alive over the past five years, but most of that came to a halt with your prison sentence. Did you enjoy just writing and not recording in the studio? And did that change your process at all? Has any of it been frustrating, or have you enjoyed the break?

Lil Wayne:I definitely enjoyed the writing process and it was a lot different from just being in the studio with music. It’s more critical and personal. It was frustrating at times but for the most part it was beautiful, as it’s always beautiful to create.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned throughout this experience? What has been the most positive thing out of the whole ordeal?

Lil Wayne: I’ve learned about my strength and inner peace. I’ve shown myself how patient I can be. The most important or positive thing I’ve gotten out of this is the ability to be so humble.
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