Lil Yachty Bet 21 Savage $10,000 On A Game Of ‘NBA 2K’ And Paid Up In Cash

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Despite their ostentatious appearances, rappers are often just as fond of doing run-of-the-mill activities as the rest of us, but, being rappers, can be counted on to always take things to the next level. Case in point, rappers Lil Yachty and 21 Savage got together recently for a friendly game of NBA 2K but at much higher stakes than most folks can afford. 21 Savage came away a little bit richer as the two Atlantans bet $12,000 on the outcome of their game and it turned out that despite being barely more than a year removed from high school, Lil Boat’s video game skills might be a little lacking.

“I took a L, I ain’t tripping,” Yachty said in the Instagram post confirming 21’s digital basketball superiority. “Shout out to my boy Lil Yachty, man,” 21 gloated. “Giving me $10,000 on the 2K. He thought he could beat me on 2K. Thank you, Lil Yachty.”

However, if Yachty were the less-sporting type, he could certainly blame the choice of console for the loss. Yachty stated that he handily dispatched his older colleague on PlayStation, but when the pair swapped to XBox, Savage was able to turn the tables and add another two grand to his winnings as well.

Yachty confirmed the loss on Twitter, writing, “Today I lost 12 thousand dollars to 21 and I ain’t been right ever since… ):” and also explained the rules the pair played by, which not only included changing systems but camera views as well.

All in all, it seems unlikely that Yachty will miss that money too much — he is on Forbes‘ Hip-Hop Cash Kings list for 2017, after all. With that being said, he might want to put in a few hours of practice before he puts up that much in the future — or talk so much cash stuff.

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