Lil Yachty Celebrates His 21st Birthday With A Brand-New Mixtape

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Kids grow up so fast. Lil Yachty came in the rap game as the “King Of The Teens,” but today, he joins the ranks of adults who can legally buy alcohol. To celebrate his 21st birthday, the exuberant Atlanta rap star has released a brand new mixtape, fittingly titled Birthday Mix 3. As its title suggests, it’s the third year he’s brought in his next 12 months with an impromptu, informal mix of brand-new music, with tracks featuring Atlanta up-and-comer Gunna, who’s been popping up more and more often lately, Trippie Redd, who may have the best track on the tape, and one of his biggest influences, Chief Keef. Other guests on the 16-minute blowout include K Supreme and Youngboy NBA.

While Yachty’s last album, Lil Boat 2 showcased growth in the young rapper’s flow and a refined focused on lyrics over melodies, on Birthday Mix 3, he worries less about structure or proving haters wrong, resulting in a flippant, freewheeling collection of tracks that find him doing anything and everything he wants, reminiscent of his original Lil Boat tape. It is his party, after all. It’s fitting that, as one of the original so-called “Soundcloud rappers,” Yachty exclusively released the tape directly to Soundcloud, forgoing a straightforward release. You can check it out below while you wait for Yachty to prepare his next official release.