Watch Lil Yachty Wild Out In An Empty Warehouse In His ‘Dirty Mouth’ Video

06.23.17 2 years ago

So Lil Yachty’s debut album Teenage Emotions wasn’t the commercial success everyone thought that it was going to be. That hasn’t stopped one of the most positive presences in the music industry today from getting too down in the dumps. In fact, today, he tried to give the project a little boost, debuting a brand new video for the single “Dirty Mouth.”

In the clip, Yachty enters the frame from the left and proceeds to go absolutely nuts, dancing and bouncing all over the confines of a large, empty warehouse. The whole thing is actually pretty reminiscent of that video Steve McQueen shot for Kanye West a while back for the songs “All Day” and “I Feel Like That.

In a recent note directed toward his fans that he shared on Instagram, Yachty opened up about the perception that Teenage Emotions underperformed on the charts. “I understand first week numbers didn’t do what most people expected but that’s only because they don’t understand me,” he said. “They don’t understand us. I don’t expect anybody to. I make it for those who listen. I feel like my brand is so big and blew up so big, it blew up bigger than my actual music. Which isn’t the worst situation it could be worse all I have to is make it to where my brand hype and music hype equal out.”

Check out the video to “Dirty Mouth” above.

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