Chance The Rapper ‘Broke The Barrier For All The Independent’ Rappers, According To Lil Yachty

Did you know Lil Yachty eats pizza every single day? The 19-year-old rapper is basically living the dream, and the folks at Genius decided to set up the interview of his life, inviting him to make his favorite dish and talk to Rob Markman in West Hollywood for their IRL series.

Yachty was candid after tossing some dough around, speaking about his upbringing, his father’s affinity for rap and how he got into creating music himself after making parodies of other songs. That last revelation might end up as fodder for his detractors, but Lil Boat seems to have a real passion for music after being surrounded by it during his upbringing.

Boat also discussed Chance The Rapper briefly, and his coup at the Grammys this year with his album Coloring Book, on which Yachty made an appearance. He championed Chance as a standard bearer, and spoke about how he opened the door for all Soundcloud rappers who chose to avoid labels.

“Chance just broke a barrier for all the independent, up-and-coming, SoundCloud, local, mumble rap, getting-no-attention-from-major labels, or just don’t want to take that route,” he said between bites of the pizza he made. “For all the new rappers — 21 Savage, Uzi, Denzel Curry, Kodak Black — he just made it easy for the Grammys. It’s the world now, bro. It’s not sales, it’s streaming. And we run that. I know I run streaming, bro. Whether you hate me or not, you can’t deny that sh*t.”

It’s a fun, unique style of interview for Lil Boat as he readies his debut album Teenage Emotions, which he said would have “that vibe when you waking up in the morning getting dressed and you just wanna dance.”

Check out the entire interview above.