Lil Yachty Kissed His Signature Dreads Goodbye And Has Completely New Hair Now

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12.20.16 3 Comments

Lil Yachty’s never been afraid to rock the boat, bad pun intended. The buzzing rapper’s not waiting on January 1, 2017 to adopt the “new year, new me” mantra as he’s already decided to switch up his signature hairstyle, unveiled on Instagram Live late Monday night.

Gone are his signature beads and braids in exchange for a permed out look he chose to call “the James Brown look.” In the video, Lil Boat indicates he’s working on a new album and the look is just part of getting into the proper mode mentally. “I’m working on my album,” he said while munching on a corndog. “This look means seriousness. This hair do means hits. And to Funkmaster Flex this means a lot of mumble rap.”

The jab at Flex comes after the two spent the latter part of last week going back and forth over social media. Clearly, Funk Flex didn’t get the memo that Yachty’s unbothered by all the critique of his rap skills since he’s now a Grammy-nominated artist and landing big looks from the likes of Nautica, Sprite and Alexander Wang.

Naturally, social media’s response to Yachty’s new ‘do was a mixed bag, ranging from mild confusion to comical. Meanwhile, Yung Joc is somewhere flipping his hair and feeling himself for being a trendsetter at the sight of all this.

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