Bosco’s Driving ‘Adrenaline’ Is A Pulse-Pounding Shot Of An Afropunk Bop

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Bosco’s singular brand of jazz, soul, blues, and hip-hop is a favorite of Solange Knowles’ Saint Heron blog, but the Savannah, Georgia-raised singer is upping the stakes and the tempo with her newest release, “Adrenaline,” the first from her upcoming album, simply titled B., releasing later this year on Fool’s Gold. Yes, with the period included. Thanks, Kendrick.

“Adrenaline” is a pulse-pounding shot of Afropunk in the arm of her fans, as she partakes in some risky behavior for the thrill of it (“Spin the bottle, bet you my last dollar”) over a driving bass line that is sure to get the crowds moving at the festivals when she performs. The track is all forward movement, feeling like a pedal-to-floor blend of new wave, funk, and R&B.

Bosco describes B. as “a collection of songs about escapism, freedom, self-discovery, and relationships while transitioning into womanhood. I created this body of work in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New Orleans from intimate moments in my bedroom, friends’ stories, unfinished conversations and feelings while traveling, Uber and plane rides with fleeting thoughts, and self-love/worth during solitude. During this process, I learned a lot about myself, facing things no one really wants to see about themselves. I guess I’m telling my truths this time around.”

On previous records, she always sounded ethereal, but tended to pick slower, airier production that felt like floating through a cloud of emotion (think SZA with a cotton-candy pastel backdrop), but now she wants to get the feet moving while still baring her soul. Listen above.

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